Very small ava bowl
Made from one piece of efelele wood in traditional Samoan style with many legs. ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK
Rattan Storage Basket
Handmade storage basket in rattan.   The large basket is 36cm x 26cm and 17 cm high.  The medium basket is 28cm c 22cm and is 28cm high. ONLY 1 LARGE AND 1 MEDIUM IN STOCK
from $12.00
Rattan Bowl
Handmade woven rattan bowl.  It is approximately 40 cm in diameter and 8cm high. ONLY ONE LEFT IN STOCK
Large Samoan Ava Bowl
Polished efelele (local hardwood)carved from one piece of timber, approx 27cm diameter. A traditional product of Samoa.
Samoan WoodenTray
Handcarved, oval 44.5 x 34.5cm / 17.5" x 13.5" in light coloured timber. A traditional product of Samoa. ONLY ONE IN STOCK
Samoan Wooden Tray
Handcarved, oval 44.5 x 31cm / 17.5" x 12.5". Light coloured wood. A tradiitional product of Samoa. ONLY ONE IN STOCK
Samoan Wood & Afa Tray
Handcarved, oval, with afa trim 47.5 x 25cm / 19"x10"in light coloured wood. Afa is the traditional Samoan twine, painstakingly handspun and then woven. ONLY ONE IN STOCK
Medium Ava Bowl
Polished efelele wood, handcarved approx 25cm diameter with many legs, carved in one piece. Traditional product of Samoa.
Rattan Rectangular Tray
Very small, rectangular finely woven rattan tray for condiments etc. Approximately 22x8cm / 9"x3". Handmade and not exactly the same.
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