Aloha Icon Postit
Postit pad with border of aloha icons such as pineapple, palm tree, frangipani etc. Designed in Hawaii.
Aloha Icons Frame
Soft frame, patterned with favourite things from Hawaii, 8.8 x 13.2cm/4 x 6".
Aloha Shirt Postits
A small pad of postits in the shape of an Aloha shirt.
Apricot Head Lei
"Silk" frangipani head lei, apricot flowers with white baby's breath and traditional small green fern leaves strung on elastic to fit most heads.
Apricot Lei
"silk" frangipani lei, apricot petals with white baby's breath flowers and traditional small green fern leaves.  There are approximately 100 flowers densely strung together and with a circumference of approximately 1 metre.
Australian Abalone Shell
Australian Green Lip Abalone - beautiful, polished natural beige/gold opalescent shell, can be used as soap dish, serving dish, ornament etc. Size varies - approx 15x11cm/6.5x4.5" sometimes slight imperfections. Must be handwashed.
Sold Out
Australian Flag Sarong
Celebrate Australia - wrap yourself in the Australian flag. This is a full size sarong, great for Australia Day or any other Aussie celebrations. You can wear it, use it as a flag, a tablecloth etc. etc.
Balinese Wall Hanging
Huge, very old wall hanging with traditional stylized Balinese legends/stories on canvas. It hangs vertically. 85cm wide x 186cm long / 33.5" x 73" UNIQUE - ONLY ONE
Bamboo Bangle
Lacquered, natural coloured, very attractive bamboo bangle - approx inside diameter 6-7cm/2.5". ONLY ONE LEFT
Bead Earrings & Necklace Set
Silver chain necklace with a mix of beads, includes some /all turquoise, catseye & crystal. They vary in length, from 20-25cm / 8-10" with matching earrings. Each design is unique.
Sold Out
Black Frangipani Sarong
Full sized fringed rayon sarong, all black with frangipani print in white and yellow.
Brown Frangipani Sarong
Full sized, fringed rayon sarong, in a mid-brown with frangipani print in white and pink
Coco-papaya Bath Crystals
The sweet fragrance of coconut and papaya (paw paw) scented bath crystal. Made in Hawaii, environmentally friendly and includes natural botanical extracts.
Coco-papaya Incense
Hawaiian coconut & papaya/paw paw scents. Let the botanically inspired fragrance take you to he tropical island of your dreams.
Coco-papaya Paper Soaps
10 coconut and papaya/paw paw scented sheets of paper soap in little flat packs. Ideal for travelling.
Coconut Candle
White votive candle, coconut scented with a white wax hibiscus shape embossed on the top, as part of the candle.
Cotton Wrap
Delicate, lightweight creamy cotton wrap, with silver metallic thread woven through, some imperfections, 180cm x 62cm / 72" x 24.5" approx ONLY ONE LEFT
Cowrie Shell Choker
Examples of styles of cowrie shell chokers in stock. Cowrie shells strung on strong thread, some horizontally along the bands and some at right angles/vertically on the choker. Price per item.
Duke A Great Hawaiian
By Sandra Kimberley Hall, a history of the Duke. "This world celebrity remained true to his old-fashioned upbringing and the values learned in his youth. He was always honest and humble, modestly aware of his impact on people".
Duke Kahanamoku Card
A matt, black and white printed card (with envelope) or it can be used as a picture to be framed. It is a photograph of Duke Kahanamoku circa 1930, in Waikiki.
Duke Stone Coaster Set
Stone Coaster Set (of 4) depicting different images associated with the Duke. In a wooden box they are stone with a soft cork backing. ONLY ONE IN STOCK
Eddie Would Go
By Stuart Holmes Coleman. The only biography of one of Hawaii's greatest heroes. It tells the story of his amazing life and his achievements in great detail and explains the meaning behind the famous saying - Eddie Would Go.
Floating Frangipani Candle
Delicate, boxed, floating scented frangipani/plumeria candle. Let them creat a tropical paradise in your home.
Frangipani 'Hawaiian' Shirt
These are generously sized 'Hawaiian' aloha shirts in a comfortable, lightweight rayon fabric, navy with an allover pattern of frangipanis, other flowers and leaves. They are made in the traditional fashion with the traditional coconut husk buttons. 
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